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Three homeowners have asked to have their homes removed from the list of historic buildings subject to the demolition delay bylaw, approved at last year's annual Town Meeting. The Board of Selectmen has refused the appeals on two of the residential properties and a third residential appeal is pending.One [...]
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Photo: Belmont's Danny Yardemian leads the Marauders to the Comcast Tourament title. Belmont High Boys' and Girls' Basketball did themselves proud at last weekend's Comcast Tournament taking on some of the best hoop teams in the state at Woburn High School. The boys' defeated Brighton, 72-69, and handled 17th-ranked [...]
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Seven months have passed since Father Nicholas Kastanas was removed from St. Athanasius, the Greek Orthodox Church in Arlington Heights.Following Kastanas' final service on July 30, a group of a couple hundred parishioners have stopped going to church at St. Athanasius and continue to support Kastanas, even after the [...]
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Photo:Belmont Town Meeting 2017 [Editor's note: The Belmontonian encourages all candidates for Town Meeting and Town-wide office to submit a letter on their platform or motivation for running.] My name is Dovie Yoana King and I'm a candidate for Belmont Town Meeting in Precinct 7. I live on Oxford Avenue [...]
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Share Friday, February 16, 2018 - 9:21pmBMC News Learn the latest on The Bradford project in Cushing Square, catch a sneak peek at a new film about the 1853 William Flagg Homer House, what's the best affordable housing plan for Belmont? Do you know about the [...]
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