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belmont home,02478If you are in the market for the perfect home, you definitely want to check out what is available in the way of Belmont area houses for sale or for rent. There are many real estate professionals who can assist you in finding the ideal home in Belmont, the perfect address for you to call home today … and into the future.

Belmont and especially cushing square area is world renowned, one of the busiest neighborhoods in all of Belmont. With its lovely, tree lined streets, and historic houses and other properties, a residence in one or another of the Belmont houses will be an ideal choice for you.

Selecting a historic property in Belmont provides you with a home that likely is crafted in the gracious style. These homes include a great attention to detail, high ceilings and true elegance in each and every room.


A great deal of effort is made in these unique Belmont houses to update these properties with the latest amenities. In short, by selecting one or another of the Belmont’s houses, you are able to enjoy the very best of all worlds – the latest and most modern amenities in an amazing historic property. These unique houses really do “have it all.”


There is a nice selection of different types of Belmont areas and houses available for sale or for rent today. These include amazing luxury options as well as more affordably priced houses as well. On some level the idea that the Belmont has something for everyone really does have a great deal of truth.

Finally, Belmont homes are conveniently located to all of the major attractions of the city, including outstanding hillside, shopping, dining and entertainment. The Cushing Square, Belmont Center, Wavery Square are a short distance from downtown Boston as well. Indeed, all of the major sections of the town are readily accessible to the public transportation.

Belmont’s House Sales Statistics

Below are some of the real estate firms serving the Cushing square area:

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