5 Mistakes to Avoid at Open Houses

There’s no doubt it’s a sellers’ market, but even a seller can sabotage his or her chances if the open house doesn’t go well. We have some suggestions for how to avoid some of the most common open house mistakes sellers make.

It’s important to make a good first impression when your home first goes up for sale. You don’t want to drag out the period of time your house stays on the market and avoiding some of these mistakes may help prevent that.

  1. Avoid elevator music and poor staging – these things can change the feel of your home when buyers first step inside. You want your home to look inviting and enticing. Making sure it’s clean and organized or well-staged will help your home present itself well.
  2. Don’t oversell – it can be a very poor choice to corner potential buyers and go on a tangent about all of the improvements made. Buyers can see the current state of your home or condo and they can discuss any questions they have about updates with your realtor or have their realtors find out.
  3. Don’t hover – give potential buyers the breathing room to take everything in without you hovering over their shoulders.
  4. Remove pets during showings – while your cat or dog may be perfectly friendly, you don’t want sellers to have to leave or cut their viewings short due to allergies.
  5. Don’t attend showings if possible – you should be working with a Boston realtor you have confidence in. It is typically best when sellers aren’t present during showings, so if at all possible try to leave before opening houses.

As you prepare for your open house it’s important to keep open communication with your realtor and discuss any questions you have.






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