Martha’s Vineyard Shopping, Entertainment & Food

Cushing Square Sidewalk

Martha’s Vineyard is no stranger to important inhabitants and visitors. Home and vacation hot spot to dozens of politicians, movie stars, and other important individuals, it is not uncommon to live near or see famous individuals on Martha’s Vineyard as they go about their daily life. Martha’s Vineyard inhabitants pride themselves in treating celebrities like everyone else. Newcomers interested in purchasing Martha’s Vineyard real estate or renting Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals should keep this in mind, should they come across celebrities such as David Letterman or Bill Murray when they first come to the island.

Martha’s Vineyard itself is a mix of simple New England living and cosmopolitan flair. Of course the island is also incredibly romantic between its gorgeous shorelines and secluded beaches. There’s something amazing about leaving the rest of the word behind as you travel by ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

While Martha’s Vineyard has some truly amazing places to dine, very few of even the most elegant restaurants require anything more than casual dress. And you won’t find any fast food chains on Martha’s Vineyard, the regular visitors and year-round inhabitants have made sure of that.

Those that wish to purchase Martha’s Vineyard real estate or rent Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals are often drawn to the slower pace of life and simpler pleasures enjoyed on the island. Inhabitants enjoy things like old-fashioned movie theatres and general stores as opposed to multiplex theatres and giant shopping centers. There are a total of five grocery stores to choose from as well as a farmer’s market. It’s important to remember that Martha’s Vineyard is an island so prices are higher than they are on the mainland. It’s important for those that visit or move to Martha’s Vineyard to respect the fact that it offends year-rounder residents to hear others complain about the cost of things on Martha’s Vineyard.






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