Reasons to Bring Your Car to Martha’s Vineyard?


Whether you’ve purchased Martha’s Vineyard real estate or you’re simply interested in looking into Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals, the question on whether or not to bring your car will likely come up fairly quickly. If you plan to stay on Martha’s Vineyard for more than four nights, the convenience and cost-related benefits may outweigh any cons. We have  created this list of reasons why bringing your car with you to your Martha’s Vineyard real estate property may be the best choices:

  1. Cost-effective – Bringing your car with you to Martha’s Vineyard can be more cost-effective than taking taxis, shuttles or renting a car. Especially if you plan on traveling around much of the island, having a car will certainly be more cost-effective.
  2. Convenience – Especially when it comes to traveling with small children or if you’re looking into Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals in remote areas, having a car can make the entire experience more enjoyable and far more convenient.






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