Towns with Fastest Growing Demand in Massachusetts

The spring market has been a mix of ups and downs with a very limited inventory of available listings. The economy has always been a bit questionable, which certainly doesn’t make the real estate market any more stable.

Real estate markets across the state are just as scattered—some with double-digit increases in both sales and prices and some slowing significantly.

Surprisingly, some of the most affluent towns in Massachusetts have seen falling prices and sales this spring. Low-income cities and urban neighborhoods are also seeing deflated prices.

On the other hand, some of the towns that fall in the middle market are some of the most popular and are posting large sale and price increases—according to reports by The Warren Group.

The towns with the biggest price and sales jumps this spring are:

  • Barnastable – median price increased 24% and sales jumped 41%
  • Beverly – sales increased 42% and prices increased 12%
  • Danvers – median price increased 18% and sales increased 18%
  • Dedham – median price increased 20% and sales increased 13%
  • Milford – sales increased over 41% and median price increased over 17%
  • Norwood – sales increased over 46% and median price increased over 9%
  • Wakefield – median price increased 13% and sales increased almost 10%
  • Waltham – median price increased 11% and sales increased over 17%

Are you currently considering purchasing in any of these areas? Does this influence your choice in either direction to look into or avoid any of these markets?






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